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Ms Excel 2016: Level 2-Claremore Campus     

This text covers more complex skills than those presented our Level 1 book, but with the same proven instructional design. Topics introduced include large worksheets and workbooks; tables; outlines; inserting clip art, pictures and SmartArt; templates; digital signatures; and more. After completing this course, students can successfully face the challenges presented in Microsoft Excel 2016: Level 3.

MS Excel 2016: Level 3-Claremore Campus     

This text provides more complex skills than those presented in our Level 1 and Level 2 books, but with the same proven instructional design. This is an advanced course that will challenge students. Topics introduced include PivotTables and macros, financial functions, data analysis, auditing and additional functions, advanced formatting and analysis tools, collaboration, and more. The text concludes with an integration lesson.

Microsoft Excel     

Excel is a Microsoft Windows software to organize information for financial spreadsheets or additional uses, it is a hands-on instructor guided computer experience

Quickbooks Pro-2018 Claremore Campus     

Intended to teach students the fundamentals of QuickBooks Pro 2018. A QuickBooks representative will train students to get the most out of this dynamic accounting tool. Learn to create a business dile, customize reports and strengthen your knowledge of basic accounting principles.

Learn How To Use Photoshop-Claremore     

In this class you will learn how to take your pictures to a whole new level. You will learn how to touch up, change and edit your pictures.

Learning How To Edit Your First Video-Claremore     

Lights, Camera, Action! In this class you will learn how to edit your home videos and take them from “just another home video” to a video that you and your family will want to watch over and over again. By the end of the class you will know how to import videos, pictures and music combining them to a wonderful project.

Advanced Video Editing -Claremore Campus     

In this class, you will learn how to plan your scenes, setup lighting, configure your camera, and learn how to shoot from multiple camera angles. Pre-requisite class: Learning How To Edit Your First Video.

How To Use Google Apps-Claremore Campus     

The goal of this class is to familiarize you with commonly uses Google Apps for small business users and home users such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Keep, Google Photos, Gmail, Calendar & Contacts

Microsoft Office - Introduction - Afton Campus     

This class is an overview of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This class is structured for those that are new or fairly new to one of these programs or all of these programs. This is a 6 week course (1 day a week) to allow each program to be covered for 2 weeks (2 sessions).

Ipad Training - Kansas Campus     

iPads! Hoooh, What are they good for? If you have a tablet or iPad and your like most people, you may be using it for a specific task. There is a whole world for uses and benefits for mastering this technology.

Ms Excel 2016: Level 1-Claremore Campus     

Microsoft® Excel 2016: Level 1 provides thorough introductory training of Excel 2016. This text covers beginninglevel skills, and is ideal for the newer computer user who wants to become well versed in Excel. Topics introduced include the Ribbon interface; entering and editing data; selecting cells and ranges; printing worksheets; creating formulas and functions; formatting cell contents; inserting and deleting columns, rows, and cells; charts; and more. After completing this course, students can successfully face the challenges presented in Microsoft Excel 2010: Level 2.

Basic Computing - Afton Campus     

Learn the basics of using a computer. Opening and closing files, organize folders, set up an email, utilize the internet and much more.

Quickbooks Pro 2019 Online - Afton Campus     

QuickBooks Online is accessible securely from any web browser or through the mobile app. No download of software is required. QuickBooks Online is a subscription-based product that gives you the freedom to work on the go. You can access and sync data across all your devices – computer, tablet and smartphone. Your data is securely backed up and you have instant access to the latest product and feature updates. Additionally, you can connect QuickBooks Online to over 300 apps you already use, and save even more time.