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Beginning Acrylic Painting     

Learn tips and techniques on drawing and painting. Drawing in still life, painting the still life, and landscape painting. Supplies needed: drawing paper, pencils, brushes, paints, two cavases, two rags, plastic glass.

Paint With Watercolors-Claremore Campus     

Enjoy watercolors? Instruction is self paced with students of different skill levels. This class will go over these basic watercolor techniques: wet on wet, dry on dry, wet on dry, dry on wet, graded wash, dry brush, scraping, and salt addition.

Beginning Drawing-Claremore Campus     

Beginners who have never painted or drawn; as well as, more experienced people wanting new and old ideas. All are welcome. 30-45 minutes will be set aside each evening for structured exercises and instruction on techniques. There will be open time incorporated for individual work. Students should bring pencil & paper the first night of class. There will be also be a discussion & instruction on different media as well as what & where to buy needed supplies for class.

Beginning Beekeeping-Claremore Campus     

Catch the buzz. Want to get into beekeeping but don't know where to start? This is the class for you. Learn what equipment you need to work your bees safely. Also learn how to build strong healthy hives that will bring you beautiful golden honey for years to come!

Advanced Beekeeping-Claremore Campus     

Want to build on the beekeeping skills you already have? Learn how to spot failing hives and what steps to take to bring it back. Also take an in-depth look into sick hives, hive treatments, mites and more.

Sustainable Bee Keeping- Pryor Campus     

This program consists of 6 topics beginning with Basic Beekeeping and gradually advancing to more complex Beekeeping Strategies. Our goal is to increase the students "Bee IQ" teaching various strategies and protocols in order to become a skilled Sustainable Beekeeper. Completing all 6 class topics is required in order to gain full understanding of Honey Bees and to become a sound Sustainable Beekeeper.

Buy, Sale & Trade - Afton Campus     

BUY, SELL AND TRADE course will teach you to turn your unwanted items into cash using Ebay, Craigslist and other internet sites. It is easy to do and profitable using what you learn in class to receive maximum sales profit on your items.

Crochet-Claremore Campus     

Learn the art of Crochet in this 15 hour class. Students provide thier own yarn & needles for projects.

Beginning Quilting- Pryor     

In this class students will be given the information and guidance needed to make the Lone Starburst paper pieced quilt top while building confidence in quilting. Information covered will include fabric selection, tools, techniques, and tips & tricks for every step of the quilt-making process. Students will be required to provide their own fabrics, quilting tools and machine.

Quilting-Claremore Campus     

During this seven-week class, students will learn necessary supplies for piecing a quilt, select a quilt pattern for which they will learn how to select material coordinates, cut material, and piece together to make a patterned lap quilt. Students will learn how to select batting, select backing, and the process for framing and quilting their quilting project. You will need to bring your sewing machine to class, Instructor will let you know what supplies are needed.

Jewelry - Afton Campus     

Students will develop an understanding and a working knowlege of the jewelry fabrication processes and the uses of related materials and equipment for the manufacture of jewelry articles. Quaility craftsmanship, industry standards, and time management will be emphasized.

Beginning / Advanced Cake Decorating - Pryor Campus     

This course is designed to develop skills in decorating cakes and creating various designs. The class will include icing and leveling the cake, applying writing, ruffle borders, shells, misc. borders, basket weave, rope borders, cornelli lace, leaves, reverse shells, roses & flowers, piping animals, and star tipping of shaped or character cakes.

NeTech's Ed2Go     

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Gentle Yoga-Claremore Campus     

This all level yoga class incorporates a blend of yoga styles to increase strenght, flexibility, release tension and stress. Inculdes meditation, breathing and postures. Students are incouraged to go at their own pace and modifications are shown. Restorative yoga will be included in every class.

Restorative Yoga-Claremore Campus     

This class offers sessions of gentle yoga great for any beginning student or advanced individual looking for ease in their life. Stretching, static poses, breath work, movements done in sync with the breath and bringing calm to the mind will be targets of each class. Bring your mat and props such as block, strap & blanket if you have them.

Boot Camp - Pryor Campus     

Men and Women, 16+ join us. Whether you want to change up your current physical training program, shed a few unwanted pounds, lower stress levels, or meet new friends...everyone will leave with results. Burn fat, build muscle, gain strength and endurance by mixing traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval and strength training.

Line Dancing - Pryor Campus     

This class is for anyone that wants to learn line-dancing steps with the benefits of exercise and fun! Invite family and friends to enroll with you to boot, scoot & boogie!

Pound-Claremore Campus     

Shape, firm and stregthen your abdomen and back while burning calories and having fun.

Women's Self Defense -Claremore Campus     

An introductory course that teaches students how to use their strengths against an assailant's mental and physical weaknesses, and how to solve personal safety concerns related to fears about being attacked.

Barre-Claremore Campus     

This Barre class will utilize the formats of Ballet, Yoga, Pilates and traditional resistance training. It will add functionality, based on the bio-mechanics of movement, allowing participants of any experience level to partake. B-Breathe for engagement. A- Activate then move to balance with both strength & mobility. R-Range of motion leads to movement fluidity. E- Enhance your body awareness.

Belly Dancing Fitness For Beginners-Claremore Campus     

Learn how to dance and burn calories while shaping and firming your body.

Floral Design Basics - Pryor Campus     

Learn the basics of floral design, fresh flower processing and identification, and bow-making. take your creation home each week! Taught by a veteran Floral Designer.

General Auctioneering - Afton Campus     

Students will learn general auctioneering procedures, how to take bids, bid calling, number drills and how to be a good ringman

Acrylic Painting - Kansas Campus     

Learn tips and techniques on drawing and painting. Drawing in still life, painting the still life, and landscape painting

Cake Decorating - Kansas Campus     

Take this class to get tips and instruction from our local expert on decorating cakes for special events and holidays. Learn cute new designs and shortcuts to make your cakes the hit of any party. Come have fun and amaze your friends with the skills your take away from this class.

Beginning Sign Language- Pryor Campus     

Students will be introduced to the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet; learn how to produce simple sentences; and engage in basic communication through the use of ASL.

Advanced Sign Language- Pryor Campus     

Advanced Sign Language class will be taught in sign language only. Students will continue to increase their knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure, and conversation skills.
Prerequisite: Beginning Sign Language this semester.

Beginning Guitar - Afton Campus     

Students will learn basic chords, strumming patterns, how to read tabletures and standard notation, how to tune your guitar, guitar care and learn how to play multiple songs. Please bring your guitar to class, a guitar pick and a 3 ring binder.

Guitar 2     

Class will play multiple songs as a jam session. Come have some fun!

Basic Digital Photography-Claremore Campus     

Gain a foundation in the technical aspects of photography as well as an overall understanding of the design elements utilized in all photographic genres. The student will walk away from the course with a greater knowledge of equipment, light, composition, print considerations and the photography world in general. (Students at Claremore need to be at least 18.)

Intermediate Digital Photography-Claremore Campus     

This course is for people who have completed the beginning photography course or people who are comfortable with their DSLR cameras and their functions. You will learn about bracketing, exposure compensation, flash compensation, long exposures, etc. We will also discuss different genres of photography, including portrait, wildlife, sports, and more. This is a shoot and critique class. You will have homework! Students needs to be at least 18 years of age.

Genealogy on the Internet     

Using PAF & FTM software, students will be introduced to resources & techniques commonly used to track down information about family history and develop a family tree. Print and computer / Internet resources will be used.

Working With Leather -Claremore Campus     

This class is designed for the beginner and for those looking to learn basic leather crafting skills. You will have an opportunity to learn and practice pattern making, hand sewing, tooling and stamping, as well as general knowledge of leather crafting and repair. All students will receive hands on training and guidance from an instructor with more than twenty years of experience. Students are encouraged to bring their own projects such as: leather goods that need repair, or a pre-cut Tandy Leather kit. You will have help in creating something unique of your own, from pouches, sheaths, jewelry, holsters, or dog collars just to name a few, the only limit is your imagination.

Intro to Brush Lettering Calligraphy     

Learn the basics of calligraphy from brush lettering. Students will build letter forms, explore letter styles, and have fun being creative! Must bring brush pen, lead pencil with eraser, and ink pen.

Dog Grooming-Claremore Campus     

This course teaches the basic principles needed for students to perform at-home grooms on their pets! Shot records required

Dog Obedience-Claremore Campus     

Every dog owner needs to know th training basics to keep their pet happy and safe. This 6 week course will give you and your dog the confidence you need to be successful in your training! Shot records required.

Advanced Dog Obedience-Claremore Campus     

Teaches your dog to master the agility skills of running tunnels and jumps. Dog must attend Dog Obedience class first. Shot records required

Creative Writing Short Story Workshop-Claremore Campus     

Learn the craft of writing the short story. The class will teach techniques to improve description, dialogue, characterization and the structure of the short story. Outside of class, students will complete the rough draft of a short story. Peers and the instructor will be giving constructive criticism of your work.